Lubricants and cutting oils

Products EMADOX® : BBA v2, BBC v2



Without V.O.C. – without nitrite
Corrosion inhibitors for machining fluids and temporary protection

EMADOX® BBA v2 was conceived to improve anticorrosion properties for different lubricants and so to protect machine tools. By extension, EMADOX® BBA v2 was proved very effective for some applications like temporary protection.

Aqueous solutions containing an average of 5% by volume of EMADOX® BBA v2 advantageously replace oil baths or white spirit. After draining and wiping or drying, the piece can be handled without constraint. In particular, the problem of toxic fumes due to traces of oil is removed. .
Soluble in all proportions in the synthetic fluid type polyglycols.
Protection of cutting tools in contact with lubricant oils (cutting, leveling…).
Temporary protection bath between two stages of processing and storage.


Without V.O.C. – without nitrite
Corrosion inhibitors for multi-metallic systems

EMADOX® BBC v2 was formulated to extend the efficiency of EMADOX® BBA v2 to the aluminum, copper and copper alloys.

Soluble in all proportions in synthetic fluids type polyglycols.
Thus, l’EMADOX® BBC v2 is the reference adapted to the protection of cooling water.
It is also incorporated in the formulation of brake fluid and antifreeze.