Corrosion inhibitors for lubricants , soluble oils, antifreeze, coolant, temporary protection

EMADOX® and AB RUST® ranges

Our range consists in largely proven references, and recent and innovative products in order to respond
to specific demands or anticipating regulations evolutions.

The EMADOX® ranges present similar points:

  • Iron protection, cast iron and carbon steels.
  • Aqueous phase formulations (excepted Emadox® 301) : EXEMPT Volatile Organic Compounds, WITHOUT glycol ethers or heavy metals or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO).
  • Formulations ready for use.
  • Preparations acting by forming an instant protective film to the metal surface, passivation of the metal, maintaining a pH favorable to the protection of the metal.
  • Available in a wide range of packaging, 1 kg to 1200 kg.

Corrosion inhibitors for:

     Lubricants and cutting oils  (EMADOX® : AFC, BBA, BBC, 201)
     Temporary protection (EMADOX® : BBA, BBC, 201, 301) ABRUST® HSA
     Hydraulic fluids (EMADOX® : BBC, COOL HF, )
     Industrial detergent (EMADOX® : NC-AL, BBA, D 525, NB and AB RUST® : HSA, AB 14)
    Protection for aerosol boxes (EMADOX® : NE 6040 )
     Phosphating rusting remover (EMADOX® : 401)
     Neutralization after acid treatment (EMADOX® : NB)