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In-can protection for packaging

Ranges : EMADOX® et AB RUST®

Our range is made up of highly tested references, and of recent and innovative products formulated to ask specific demands or anticipate regulatory changes.



Les EMADOX® share the following features

Protection of iron,

cast iron and ordinary steels.

Ready-to-use formulations

Available in a wide range

of packaging from 1 kg to 1200 kg.

Aqueous phase formulations (except Emadox® 301) :

FREE of Volatile Organic Compounds (except Emadox® 301),
WITHOUT glycol ethers or heavy metals or Alkylphenols Ethoxylates (APEO).

Preparations acting by instantaneous formation of a protective film

at the metal surface, passivation of the metal,
maintaining a pH favourable to metal protection.