EMADOX®AFC protects from the corrosion the metals in contact with the antifreezes and the coolants based on Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) or Monopropylene Glycol (MPG).

EMADOX®AFC is a ready to use aqueous solution combining several corrosion inhibitors.

EMADOX®AFC is free of any nitrite, amine free, phosphate free, borate free and silicate free.

EMADOX®AFC is VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The sustainable alternative with additives formulated from plant-based bases

Applications - Dosage

EMADOX®AFC is mainly recommended for:

the automotive cooling circuits protection

by extension, the protection of every cooling circuits functioning with antifreeze concentrates based on MEG or MPG.

We recommend at least 2,5% EMADOX®AFC based on the final coolant’s weight.

the antifreeze volume in a coolant depends on the freezing point desired. The typical dilution rates are from 33 to 50%. The table below indicates the corrosion inhibitor’s dosage to achieve 2,5% EMADOX®AFC based on the final coolant’s weight:

% volume antifreeze % volume water Freezing point EMADOX AFC % by weight in the antifreeze
33 67 -17°C 7,5%
40 60 -25C 6,25%
50 50 -36°C 5,0%


Aspect: yellow liquid
Density: 1.11 – 1.17 at 20°C
pH: 8.2 – 9.2 at 20°C
Solubility: soluble in all proportions in the MEG, the MPG and water

Storage - Shelf-life

EMADOX®AFC is frost sensitive. It must be kept at temperature above 0°C.

It is recommended to use EMADOX®AFC within 2 years following its manufacture (see the expiration date on the label).


EMADOX®AFC is classified in category 2 «Irritating to eyes». For further information, please consult the MSDS.

Regulatory information

EMADOX® AFC components are registered on the following inventories: EINECS (Europe), ENCS and ISHL (Japan), KECI (South Korea), TCSI (Taiwan).


EMADOX®AFC is active on:

  • copper,
  • solder, alloy made of tin (30%) and lead (70%),
  • brass,
  • steel,
  • cast iron,
  • cast aluminum

EMADOX®AFC has been designed to fulfil the NF R15-602-7 and BS 5117:2.2 standard requirements, also named «Glassware tests».

7% of EMADOX®AFC in pure MEG limit the standardised metal panels weight losses, in compliance with the AFNOR NF R 15-601 and BS 6580 standards:

Weight losses in milligrams
Metal AFNOR NF R15-601 BS 6580
Copper -5 à +5 -10 max
Solder -5 à +5 -10 max
Brass -5 à +5 -10 max
Steel -2.5 à +2.5 -10 max
Cast iron -4 à +4 -10 max
Cast aluminium -10 à +20 -10 max


Metallic drums of 225 kg net
Polyethylene IBC of 1100 kg net
Non-returnable packages.

*VOC: volatile organic compounds defined by the Directive 2004/42/EC