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LABEMA® Laboratories, established in 1989 and based in Lorette, between Lyon and Saint-Etienne, are specialized in the development and manufacturing of:

Liquid corrosion inhibitors
in aqueous phase

EMADOX® et AB RUST® ranges for paints and varnishes, lubricants and soluble oils, temporary protection, industrial detergent,…

Corrosion inhibitors formulated using raw materials from the vegetable

VEGERUST® range for paints and varnishes, temporary protection…

With ranges EMADOX® and AB RUST®, served by an international distribution network, LABEMA® Laboratories occupy a strong position in the market for anti-corrosion additives.

Currently, we export 70% of our production. We are particularly involved in the industrial paints and coatings in aqueous phase, the sector of oil and lubricants, and also sought for applications in industrial detergents, temporary protection of metallic systems, hydraulic fluids, …

We strive to provide technical support to our Customers and Prospects. We verify the effectiveness of our anti-corrosion additives according to methods developed in-house testing.
Formulators and corrosion additive manufacturers since 20 years, we have experience in the coating that we put at your disposal to test, evaluate, compare and improve your products from corrosion.