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Product EMADOX® : 401



Phosphating rusting

Unlike other references that prevent the formation of rust, EMADOX® 401 can process parts already rusted to repair before painting, for example. The acid attack, which destroyed the products of oxidation, is followed by a passivation of the surface.

EMADOX® 401 is a phosphating rusting ready to use for the treatment of ordinary carbon steels, metals and light alloys (aluminum, zinc).

It removes the layers of thin oxides and residues of organic dirt (grease marks, hand sweat).

It provides good protection against rust before and after painting by covering the metal surface of a passivating layer.

It can be used on parts of all sizes in carbon steel, aluminum, zinc and alloys, in addition to mechanical surface treatments (brushing, scraping, grinding) and degreasing alkali or solvents.

By removing the rust, EMADOX® 401 removes the parts from rust, even in hard to reach.

It provides an in-depth treatment by penetrating to the bottom of the pits.

It destroys the oxidation elements and deposits on the metal an insoluble phosphates layer which provides a transitional protection against corrosion and improves the adhesion of subsequent coatings.

Advantages :
Employment dip can treat hard to reach. The EMADOX® 401 processes the metal by a deeply penetration into the depths of pitting.
EMADOX® 401 improves the adhesion of subsequent coatings.
Uses :
Removing the rust from carbon steels, aluminum and zinc.