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Our range is made up of highly tested references, and of recent and innovative products formulated to ask specific demands or anticipate regulatory changes.

These products are recommended for protection against flash-rust

Flash rust: term used in the language of painting to describe the very fast (flash) appearance of rust spots on a metal substrate coated with a water-based paint.

This phenomenon occurs during the phases of application and drying.Our additives allow, among other properties, to prevent this oxidation.

The waterborne coatings cause corrosion of the support during their period of drying, upon application on a metal surface; this being due to the presence of water. This leads to corrosion stains on the film and can affect its cohesion and its adhesion to the support. Anti flash-rust additives inhibit corrosion during the drying period. They act as long as the coating contains water. This test method is used to evaluate the effectiveness of anti flash-rust additive in the coating where it will be used. The test duration varies depending on the coating to be tested. The results are expressed in degree of corrosion